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Analytical Laboratory
Our analytical laboratory performs many analyses for fuels, fresh or used greases and lubricants (from engine, transmission, industrial application). More than 250 standard methods acc. DIN, EN, ISO, CEC, GFC, ASTM and OEM or from specific requirements are widely used, not only for supporting local engine testing, but also for direct service to the oil, additive and automotive industry.

Therefore, our laboratory portfolio can respond to most of the European industry needs for automotive lubricant analyses.
Furthermore, the reliability of the results generated by the analytical laboratory is ensured not only by its participation to many national and international round-robin tests but also by our experts’ involvement in many coordination committees, in close cooperation with all contributors of test methods development. This allows a full acceptance of ISP results by the Industry.


  • Most of the methods are EN 17025 accredited
  • More than 250 standard methods are available acc. DIN, EN, ISO, CEC, GFC, ASTM or complying with specific internal requirements.
  • Active participation to standard committees with constant exchange with the automotive industry
  • Constant quality monitoring through regular participation to industry round robin programmes

Testing services:

Industrial, transmission and engine oils

  • Standard analyses (IR, Vk40,Vk100, TBN, TAN, Noack vapour loss, water content, fuel content, soot content….)
  • Dynamic Viscosities (CCS, MRV, HTHS, Brookfield, scanning Brookfield…)
  • Deposit Tests (MTU Deposit, TEOST)
  • Element Content (ICP, RFA)
  • Oxidation tests (CEC, GFC, DKA, Daimler, PSA, Renault, ZF…)
  • Corrosion tests
  • Seal compatibility (CEC, Daimler, VW, ZF…)
  • Rig tests (FZG, 4 balls, FE8, shear stability…)


  • Standard tests (cone penetration, Pressure/flow curves, drop point, EMCOR, adhesive force …)
  • Rig tests (4 balls, FE8, FE9)


  • Standard tests (FIA, gum content, sulphur content, simulated distillation…)