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Engine Tests
ISP runs state of the art test beds equipped with a wide range of dynamic brakes. But its unique design is not the only attraction of the testing laboratory. Equipment redundancy, various measurement techniques, and modern automation systems give our experts all the means to perform in optimal conditions fuel, lubricants and even engine parts testing.


  • 34 modern test beds with controlled ambient temperature
  • Independent inlet air temperature and humidity control
  • Various capacity dynamic brakes
  • 900 m³ underground fuel storage capacity
  • Stainless steel V4A fuel supply lines
  • Radio Tracer technique (RNT) for real time wear rate measurements on a running engine
  • Cylinder pressure/Combustion analysis (Indimicro)
  • HORIBA Exhaust gas sampling/measurement
  • Standard measurements (Smoke meter, Blow-By meter, Coriolis fuel flow measurement……)

Testing Services:

  • Fuels and Lubricants (ACEA/CEC Specification)
  • OEM oil approval sequence
  • Fuel Economy measurement
  • Regulated emission measurement
  • RNT Wear measurement technique
  • Endurance/durability testing for mechanical components