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Vehicle Testing
Due to the increasing complexity of vehicle design (ECU sophistication, components integration…), chassis dynamometer is taking a growing part of testing requests.
The ISP vehicle test centre includes many facilities, allowing all kinds of testing, such as standard mileage accumulation, validation or development of new fluids or mechanical components.
State of the art mileage accumulation chassis dynamometer together with an emission / fuel consumption measurement chassis allow a full range of vehicle testing services, using high performance equipment and instrumentation.

Performance and Endurance Testing


  • 6 mileage accumulation chassis dynamometers (2 and 4 wheel drive)
  • Speed controlled front air fan (200 km/h max.)
  • Sensor controlled automatic refuelling system
  • STÄHLE driving robots
  • Fuel blending/preparation unit
  • V4A Stainless steel fuel lines for special fuels
  • Chilled water supply (6°C) for all fluid conditioning (oil, coolant, fuel or inlet air)
  • Fully automated fire detection and extinguishing.
Testing Range:
  • Endurance testing up to 200 km/h continuous / 250 km/h peak
  • Complete road condition simulation
  • Dedicated fuel preparation and supply with quality/compliance check performed internally by our analytical laboratory
  • Vehicle inlet air temperature control (23 +/- 2°C) as well as humidity (50% +/- 10%) for optimised repeatability control

Exhaust Emission Measurement


  • 4 wheel drive emission chassis dynamometer with soak area for 40 vehicles
  • HORIBA emission sampling and measurement system complying with latest EU Standard
  • Pre/Post catalyst measurement
  • Particulates emission measurement
  • Stress less vehicle mounting system
Testing Range:
  • Regulated emission measurement for wide range of vehicles – from motorbike to medium duty with ambient temperature ranging from 20 to 30°C and 50% air humidity
  • Fuel economy measurement on all regulated driving cycles

Regulated driving cycles

  • Europe: ECE/EUDC, NEDC, Artemis Cycle
  • USA: FTP72, FTP 75, SFTP US 06, EPA NYCC, Cycle California Unified (UC, LA 92), EPA Highway Fuel Economy Test (HWFET), EPA SRC (Standard Road Cycle)
  • Japan: „10 mode“; „10-15 mode“, JC 08 Cycles

Fleet Test


  • Garage and workshop for fleet test preparation, monitoring and inspection
  • Analytical laboratory for service oil analyses
  • GPS system for test vehicle tracking
  • IPETRONIC data acquisition system
Testing Range::
  • Real condition vehicle testing
  • Engine parts measurement and rating (pre and post test)
  • Oil analysis
  • GPS tracking (location, speed profile…)
  • CAN Bus continuous data acquisition